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circularium™ offers an innovative aquatic experience with its stylish tower design and a 3D-printed lid. This all-inclusive kit provides all the necessary supplies to get started, aside from your preferred fish. The assembly process is quick and efficient, taking no more than five minutes. Additionally, maintaining your aquarium is a breeze thanks to the conveniently positioned feeding holes at waist level, which allow for easy topping off of water and feeding your fish.


This uniquely designed aquarium, with its patent-pending structure, provides the perfect environment for cultivating an array of plant species.

Utilizes a lid created through 3D printing technology to reduce plastic usage.

Aquarium is designed with a bare-bottom for enhanced water circulation, eliminating the need for gravel.

New Aquaponics system is designed for effortless self-maintenance, transforming fish waste into valuable plant nourishment, perfect for cultivating delicious edibles. For complete guidance, we provide comprehensive instructions both as a downloadable resource on our website and in print within the package.

Sleek tower structure requires only one square foot of area, yet boasts a voluminous capacity of 6 US gallons.

Setup of the aquarium is made remarkably simple by the internal plumbing system, requiring just three easy steps.

The flawless, vacuum-formed structure ensures a leak-free environment. The thickness of the walls strategically amplifies at the base and tapers towards the top to eliminate the risk of cracks. Its construction is engineered for flexibility, allowing it to yield rather than snap under pressure.

Comes as a kit, and is designed for convenience, requiring only simple tools from around the house and your preferred selection of fish to complete the setup!

Made by hand in Laporte, Colorado, USA. May have minor cosmetic imperfections.

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